Scheduling appointments via website

Scheduling appointments via telephone or on site are standard practices in everyday business. The procedure is always the same, and therefore offers the opportunity to automate it. Office personnel do not have to handle these tasks and are able to devote the time to their primary duties. The appointments are scheduled online without requiring their participation.

Your website visitors are able to check the available appointments and can decide which is the most suitable one. Upon selecting an appointment, the customer just enters some personal data and reserves the appointment. The operator will receive an email containing the relevant appointment data.

Online-appointment scheduling can be used for contracting-companies, physicians, consultants and other service providers. You are providing an option to your customers, patients or clients to schedule appointments with you or your associates on their own.

The software is also suitable for administrative purposes or as a reservation tool for company conference rooms. Staff members can reserve the facilities conveniently over the intranet.

The appointment-scheduling system is used by physicians, fitness studios, golf instructors, tire services, massage practices, universities, schools, authorities, vacation-home rentals, photographers, golf courses, (tee-times), financial advisors, swimming instructors, physical therapists and many more.

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