Module "Modify Texts"

You can modify each word and/or sentence displayed during scheduling an appointment with the aid of this module. You can also set up multilingual descriptions for appointment purposes and form fields. As an alternative, you can also modify the language files directly. It is not quite as convenient as modifying the files through the admin area, but it works as well.

If you have leased our web-services or would like to lease the services, you do not have to purchase this module separately, because availability is included.

Module "Modify Texts"

Version for Appointmind Web-Services customers (subscription license)


Module "Modify Texts"

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You can also order this module in connection with other modules when ordering the software.

User instructions

After you have uploaded the module to the directory/modules/ in your appointment scheduling installation you can use it as demonstrated in the following video.

Multilingual descriptions

You can create your own bookmarks and design your appointment scheduling multilingual.

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