Update to the Latest Version

Update step by step.

  1. Log in to phpMyAdmin and create a backup copy of your database.
  2. Log in via FTP and download all the files and directories of Schedule Organizer so that you have a backup of your settings and modifications.
  3. Create a new folder on the server such as /termine_new/
  4. Upload the new version of the script into the new folder. Make sure that the /cache/ directory is writable (chmod 777).
  5. Upload the /inc/db.inc.php and /inc/config.php files from the old version of the script into the /inc/ directory of the new version on the server.
  6. Go to the admin area (/admin/) of the script in your browser. There you should see a form to update your scheduler. Enter your MySQL data (in the /inc/db.inc.php file) and send us the form. The script will now update the structure of your database tables.
  7. Next, you can apply the modifications you made to the old version to the new version. You probably modified these files:
    • /templates/default/header.phtml
    • /templates/default/footer.phtml
    • /templates/default/format.css
    • /inc/core.inc.php

Diff programs like KDiff3 are suitable for applying these changes. Total Commander can also compare and merge files.