Installation Instructions

Installation of the script is relatively quick to accomplish. Only three steps are necessary to be able to operate initially.

However, before you start - or rather, before you order the script - you should ensure that your server satisfies the minimum requirements.

First step: Please read the file 'readme.txt' carefully. It contains the installation instructions and it explains how to configure the script.

The second step involves calling up the installation script. A form appears in which the access data to the MySQL database should be entered and the names of the database tables established.

Once the script has been successfully installed the Organizer is ready to use immediately. To access the user area you must login using 'Admin' and the password chosen by you during installation. In addition, you can set up more user accounts for yourself.

In the third step you can make further settings regarding colours, appointments, reasons for the appointment, capacity, breaks etc. in the configuration file or in the admin area.

Furthermore, you can fully modify the Organizer to match your Web site layout using header and footer files and via CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Attached to the script is a readme.txt where you will find detailed installation instructions. All the possible settings are described in detail in the configuration file.